How Does Siddha Cranial Healing Help?

Craniosacral Work Helps with: TMJ Pain | Headaches | Migraines | Neck & Back Pain | Whiplash | Chronic Pains | Sleep Disorders | Sinus Problems | Stress | Anxiety | Hormonal Imbalances | Depression and More…

Whats is Siddha Cranial Healing Work?
Siddha Cranial Healing ancient way to balance pranas (life energies) and fluids in Craniosacral System. Siddha Cranial Healing integration of Visionary Craniosacral Work and ancient wisdom of Himalayan Shamanism (or Siddha Tantra). In my practice I use the potency of Stillness and ancient wisdom of Himalayan Shamanism to harmonize the movement of inner-winds (prana or life energy) and fluids.


What happens during a Siddha Cranial Healing Session?
Siddha Cranial Healing is performed in a sacred space. Throughout the session client will remain fully clothed (wearing loose comfortable clothing is recommended) on a massage table. Practitioner very skillfully, in a meditative state, works on various energetic points of cranium, face, mouth, jaw, neck, shoulders and back to balance the movement of pranas and
fluids in the Craniosacral System.

What will I experience during a session?
Experiences vary according to condition of each individual, and from session to session. People often fall asleep due to
the deep relaxation, or they experience profound stillness and expanded state of consciousness or past memories in a
dream like state.

During the entire session the Practitioner stays in present moment to create sacred space so that client can experience deep state of stillness. This allows complete integration of body-mind-spirit in the present moment.